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The Numbers
Basic info
Name The Numbers
Gender male and female
Species Numbers
Color Multi colored


The numbers are the colorful citizens of Numberland and Max's best friends. After Scout and his pals helped Max and the numbers get to numberland town center they had a lot of work to do as they were planning Max's 10th birthday party, they even got Max himself to help with his own party! The numbers love to play and party.


The numbers are multi colored 3D-style numbers with arms and legs. They have very human features, like hats, hair, and shoes.


Main characters

Scout2015 copy Violet2015 copy Eli 2015 copy Penny2015 copy Axle 2015 copy

Other characters

Major: Dash 2015 copy Chomp 2015 copy Chewbert 2015 copy Max 2015 copy Polecat 2015 copy Fritz 2015 copy

Minor characters

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